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Lori Potts is a Public Speaking Coach, Career Coach, and Corporate Trainer.

Using science-backed methods, she advises female professionals to help them advance in their careers by transforming their interpersonal communication and magnifying their presence on stage and in the boardroom through 1:1 coaching.

Lori has executed Corporate Training initiatives with Facebook, TED Talks, and small businesses to help improve employees' public speaking, interpersonal skills, and team dynamics.


Lori has a background in Tech and Marketing executing Training and Organizational Development initiatives to improve team dynamics and executives' presence.

If you're interested in scheduling an in-service or individual coaching session reach out here.

What Clients Say

"Lori's Corporate Training on interpersonal and public speaking skills was very well planned with useful and informative material. Lori is a great coach and kept the session interactive with quiz and exercises. I had a great experience attending this session and learned useful techniques to increase professional influence."
                                                                                             -Salina D.
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