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What Clients Say

"I found a job in less than a month with Lori's help & I've already recommended her to several friends. I had been searching for a job for months prior to Lori's coaching and resume writing services."
                                                                                                      - Rich B. 

If you want to make your authority abundantly obvious and advance your career, the science-based coaching process will improve your chances of career success and increase your compensation

Learn effective interviewing skills. Perfect your resume and cover letter.


Schedule your free, complimentary coaching session.

What Clients Say

"Lori's Corporate Training on interpersonal and public speaking skills was very well planned with useful and informative material. Lori is a great coach and kept the session interactive with quiz and exercises. I had a great experience attending this session and learned useful techniques to increase professional influence."
                                                                                             -Salina D.
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Does your team struggle to communicate in the new world of remote work? Does anxiety prevent you from effectively presenting your thoughts when public speaking? Do people not listen to you as intently as they should?


The science-based Corporate Training and 1:1 coaching process will refine your message and captivate your audience on stage and in the boardroom.


Click below to schedule your free, complimentary coaching session.

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